Our view on health

As a purpose driven consultancy, we create the strategy for delivering the highest value in health through positive experiences of wellbeing, vitality and joy – even in the presence of disease. We help companies build offerings that provide new value and rich meaning in people’s lives.

Following a social science approach to health we understand that health is much more than the absence of disease. Health is about living a balanced, productive life with a sense of purpose and meaningful connection to the larger context of one’s life.

Positive experiences are essential across consumer and healthcare solution categories to drive user engagement and adherence. But for the experience of a solution to be truly positive it must correspond to the users’ deep behavior-driving values and feel like it supports them in their lives, works for their body and in accordance with their belief system.

Feeling healthy is an individual embodied experience that depends on an individual’s positive relation to the surroundings; both the socio-cultural setting and the physical environment that provides air, food, water and energy.

Products and services that provide positive experiences of health need to do more than remove symptoms with science or technology. To provide true health means enabling people to feel positively connected, valued and in balance with the social community and ecological systems around them.

This also entails not participating in exploiting natural resources or human beings, or being part of business models relying on discriminatory, suppressive or excluding practices.

The future consumer market will be won by providing products and services that help people live healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. The market for such products and services that facilitate a global sustainable shift has been estimated to represent US$12 trillion by 2030*.

To meet new consumer expectations and unlock demand we help our partners create solutions that make it easy and possible to realize true health in balance with nature while caring for the surrounding, diverse communities.

This is what we define as the future of health.

*Better Business, Better World