At Futurehealth we help build new products and services that provide true value to people. We are specialists in delivering actual outcome and improved health through both physical and digital product and service offerings.

Using multi-lens insight to social shifts and human needs, we design for fast user adoption and sustained engagement across consumer facing categories from pharma to food. We support reconfiguration of existing products and help launch new offerings. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or represent an organization trying to innovate for the sustainable future, we can help your offering provide more value to the humans using it and the social and cultural context it plays in.

Opportunity definition

We specialize in helping companies make sense of their current reality and move from information to insight. Through sociological analysis of cultural shifts and consumer segments as well as macro-level analyses we identify the best way to deliver new value in the market.

Innovation strategy

Using real world insights, we conceptualize new offerings and condense visionary innovation intent into concrete development plans and product roadmaps. We facilitate roll-out of new innovation strategy internally, aligning internal stakeholders across organizational silos.

Product & Service

We help launch and ship new solutions with human impact. We develop new experiences across physical and digital that promote engagement and community. Through strategic and human centric design we help create solutions that deliver real value and rich meaning in people’s lives.